Digging Deep

You learn from the part of the story you focus on.

– Hannah Gadsby

A blog written by a sexual assault victim/survivor about my own experiences with the Canadian criminal justice system, excerpts of how I am continuously rebuilding myself and whatever else I feel the need to write about.

Latest Posts

  • Things the Criminal Justice System Does Not Care About
    There Criminal Justice system in Canada while flawed and in need of an over-haul, is a system that was purportedly designed to "ensure public safety by protecting society from those who break the law". However, not everything that is designed to fulfill a certain mandate or goal lives up to what it promised or promises … Read more
  • My (Victims Bill of) Rights: Why do I have to ask for them?
    I was not formally made aware of the Victims Bill of Rights by anyone (the detective, the crown, anyone from Ontario's victim-witness assistance program). I felt engulfed by a foreign system and yet was never informed or made aware of the fact that I have rights. Legal rights outlined in the Canadian Victims Bill of … Read more
  • Victim Involvement in the Criminal Justice System
    Shadowed hope In this post, I am going to briefly summarize where and/or how a Victim is involved in the process of criminal court followed by a reference to Victims Rights legislation that states . Please note, this blog is written from my own perspective as a woman who was sexually assaulted by a male. … Read more
  • What Happened When I Reported my Sexual Assault to the Police?
    In Canada, once you file a police report (usually with the RCMP, unless you are in Ontario and are dealing with the OPP), the report is documented by and essentially becomes property of the police. This means that it is up to the police to investigate further. Therefore, it is the police, not the victim, … Read more
  • Will There Even Be A Court Date?
    Ahhh! In my post titled 'I am me. I am here' dated December 17 2019, I mentioned that I had received news about a preliminary hearing being scheduled for the new year. It is actually scheduled for January 2020. Over a year from now. A 2016 ruling by the Supreme Court Of Canada made it … Read more

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